Merging Several Scripts

Merging Several Scripts
First of all,
If u don`t have good communication skills, knowledge of programing and web design…please don`t bid. Also users without good review rating ..please don`t bid. Also video call will be much better for explaining the site.

I`m looking for company who can make all site who looks like , but also that site will have 3 more scripts ( services), like e-taxi, network marketing (like adbrite) ,hotel reservation and real estate. So when users register , they choice if they want normal site like alibaba offer (home,contact,products,news etc) or they are real estate agency, hotel or car seller. For other functions about site we keep like with little rework. Hotel`s sites have booking system, and also when someone book term, he can reserve a taxi from (airport,bus station etc) to the hotel…

Ok i need first to find who will gonna work with me, then ill tell him whole plan.
Users with good similar portfolio have better chances.

Here are scripts, who 80% of functionality will be same, but ofcourse you need to make some big changes( like make 1 site from 4-5 scripts).

taxi script

alibaba script

estate script

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