Fix Image Display On Site

Fix Image Display On Site
I own a stock photo site, and I recently upgraded the script, even though it is heavily customized.

One problem I am noticing is that the pages that display the images, i.e. search results or browsing a category, are messed up. I want the images to display in a neat manner, a certain number of columns and rows, however they seem to be completely random, and it is trying to display the same image twice with a different ID number, but it doesn’t work.

I need someone to fix these problems, probably only related to 2 or 3 files. My knowledge of PHP is not basic, but this is beyond my comprehension.

Also, the site doesn’t display properly in IE. The images only display a small sliver, some don’t display at all, and the fading image on the homepage does not show up at all.

The site is www (DOT) clearerimages (DOT) com.
here is a link to a page that shows the erroneous search results:
www (DOT) clearerimages (DOT) com/category/birds.html

As you can see, I want the images to be displayed in a more organized way, and the page numbers need to be displayed at the bottom.

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