Database Download/edit/upload

Database Download/edit/upload
I have a semi “normalized” online database (I do the best I can 🙂 and I need a tool developed that will allow an admin user to do the following.

1. Backup current tables in MySQL database.

2. User will download the database as a CSV file
– this will need to convert “normalized” data (i.e. the Type field is a number corresponding to the TypeID in another table, which has a label associated with it) so that when the user opens in Excel, they can actually make sense of it.

3. User will make edits in Excel, and then export as CSV.

4. The uploaded file will be converted back to normalized data.

5. If the user has added a label in a column that doesn’t match the label in the other table (the one with IDs and labels) then they need to be prompted to either (1) add that as a new entry in that table or (2) correct the entry — a SELECT box of all the possible values for that would be cool.

There is one main data table and about 6 other tables that have the ID / label that need to be matched up. There is also a separate script that needs to convert ranges like 4-7 into comma separated numbers (i.e. 4,5,6,7)

PHP 4 or 5 and MySQL.

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