Custom Phpbb2 Mod/hack Needed

Custom Phpbb2 Mod/hack Needed
Note: This will be a mod compatible with phpBB forum version 2.0.22

I am looking for 2 mods that work quite similar to each other.

1) Automatic Link Detection

Works like a word censor, but not the same. An admin will be granted with a panel where he can input two fields, one being the host/domain to detect and another being the custom tag to display.

For example, if I input the host/domain as “” and the custom tag as “” — then it will check for the first post in every topic. Any topic that has “” in its first post will be tagged as “”. These tags will be displayed under the topic name (like the topic description mod). If there are more tags that were detected rather than, it should show multiple tag for that topic as well.

These tags must be searchable in the forum’s search function. The user will be able to choose one or multiple tags from all tags available, and it will search the tags accordingly.

The tags should be detected only in the case of creating new topic or editing the first post of the topic to prevent system delay. For all the previous topics that has not been analyzed for tags, the admin will have a re-indexing option like the rebuild search index mod ( This option will look for any matching host/domain in those topic’s first post and will create tags for that topic, starting from the first topic until the last topic.

2) Automatic Link Checker

This script will automatically check all posts on the forum (but not all at once) and detect the links in that post. It will check if the download link is alive or dead (downloadable or not). If most of the links are dead, the topic will be automatically binned while the Linkchecker Bot (normal user account) will generate a reply on that topic saying that the links are dead and it has been moved to bin. If the link is still alive, there will be a stamp at the end of that post saying the topic is still alive as of [time]. The admin will also have control panel with multiple options including the userID of the linkchecker bot, the percentage of dead links in the topic before sending to bin, etc. The admin should also have the Bot Log to see the activity of the linkchecker bot, seeing which topic has been checked and at what time, percentage of the links that are still alive, and the action taken (with the possibility of “UNDO”), etc.

For an example for a link checker, please see:

However, that page require users to put the link manually and it is not automated. I am looking for a script that will check the links automatically. The script should NOT check for all posts at once because that will overload the server. I will be putting the target file on cronjob and let it run automatically in an interval. Each time it run, it should detect the number of post (or post with links) randomly. So after using this script with a cronjob, I should have a link checker that check for dead links in random posts at all time.

Please bid if you have experience with making modifications for phpBB2(repeat: phpBB2, not phpBB3!!!) before and that you know exactly what you are doing.

If you do not understand the requirements, feel free to contact me for more information.

You may bid either for just one task or both tasks, but the bidder who can do both tasks is more likely going to get the job.

NOTE: I am looking forward to do more phpBB2 modifications in the future so I am looking for a long-term programmer for my project as well. If you are chosen as a programmer on this project, you will be highly considered on my next project.

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