Paypal Api Specialist Needed

Paypal Api Specialist Needed

I have a php script website running a B2B application.
Paypal is currently integrated as the only payment method into the website for both recieving payments and making them.
What I would like to do is to install a customized paypal gateway that will enable me more options for RECIEVING payments ( Paypal will stay the only option for MAKING payments).

This API gateway will have 2 main steps:
step 1 – a php page that you will develop (attached page layout). the user will be asked to input payent information such as name, address, credit card numbers etc. Although these details will be in numbers and latin letters, the instructions that I will use in this page will be in non-latin language (I will provide texts for you to paste).

Step 2 – Actual paypal payment page, that will use all the details provided in step 1, without the user having to input them again.

Your solution will be tested in a sandbox environment before your work is accepted.

Please bid only if you have previous experience with Paypal projects.


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