Leave Recording & Booking Syst

Leave Recording & Booking Syst
Annual leave system required as a simple web-based app in which every user can login. See below and proposal attached.

• Each employee can be added to the system and be allocated a user name/password (cstd/urbv?)
o Credentials and info on each employee will be added by a dedicated staff member and this info will include the adding of staff’s leave details.
o Users access levels should also be set during an initial setup screen, with three levels; user, manager, super-user).
o Be split in to teams.
o Users with management access will be assigned to a team so that when they run team-wide commands such as report functions the info generated only covers their team.
o Super users to be assigned to the whole floor, allowing access to everyone’s records.
• When a user logs in they are presented with a ‘Personal Profile’ which clearly displays their leave entitlement, leave period and remaining leave days.
o A separate, widget-like panel adjacent to their leave info should provide info on their current leave requests that have been approved and are imminent as well as requests that are currently pending.
o Would be useful to allow a notice board style div where users are notified of approved leave from members in their team that is due to occur within the week, fortnight or month.
• Basic command options available to standard users should allow them to view their leave history, submit a new request and submit a cancel request for leave.
o Leave History; provides an itemised account of previous leave requests (dates, times, status – cancelled, accepted, rejected etc.)
o Submit a New Request; users can submit a leave request using a simple form, much like time master, upon submission of the form an e-mail is sent to the manager assigned to the users team with a direct link that can approve or reject the request.
o Cancel Request; using a similar form the user can request to cancel any of their pending leave requests which are itemised within the form for selection.
• Basic command options for Managers should include the standard user commands as well as the ability to approve/reject requests run leave reports, view staff’s entitlements per team.
o Approve/Reject Requests; an itemised list of requests from members of their team, list is split and grouped by users and their usernames, three links exist for each request; Approve, Reject & Send a Message. The approve link will mark the request as approved and send an e-mail to the requesting user; Reject will reject the leave request and inform the requesting user via e-mail and send a message will allow the manager to send an e-mail to the user for further info or discussion.
o Run Leave Report; allows a manager to run a leave report for their associated team, the reported should be easily printable and exportable to xls/csv.
o View Staff Records; will allows managers read-only access to the info entered on the users/employees operating in the system.
• Basic command options as the standard users as well as the options to amend/edit staff records, run reports per team and covering the entire floor.
o Amend/Edit Records; allows the amending and changing of staff details, this includes anything entered on the member of staff including; leave period, leave entitlement, name, e-mail, team, cost centre, password etc…
o Run Reports; super users should have a list of preconfigured reports to run, they should be able to filter reports and run reports for each team or for the whole cost centre. These reports should be easily printable and exportable to csv/xls.

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