Some Modifications To My Site

Some Modifications To My Site
hi i need some modifications to my site please read the details before applying because i need it to be completed ASAP.

1. I would like to integrate a payment processor ( into the membership script. The setting appears to be similar to 2checkout.

2. On the wordpress blog (, I would want every post to generate html link that any visitor could just post on his own website. I am not sure if you are familiar with that but something like that could be find on “” below the comment box.

3. There is a membership script installed on the site ( which has (affiliate) function; I would want the feature in number 2 above to generate that link with affiliate link for members who are logged into the member area.

4. When you click the affiliate link, the link opens the page but it leaves the affiliate link like that on the browser. I would like if the link is just cookied while the link displayed on the browser will be without the affiliate ID extension. e.g instead of the usual affiliate scripts extension (something like “…..?affid=265347”)

5. I would like the membership script to download protect so that if a download link is shared, it may only work for members.

6. I would like to add affiliate tools section in the script. i.e. banners, text links, emails messages and probably pdf. The script did not come with that facility.

7. I would like to have some links call a pop up for list building. For example, if I post a download link in a blog post and a visitor sees the post and wants to download stuff through the link, a pop up (unblockable) pops up and suggest to the user to leave his email address for future correspondence.example i want same pop up in my site

I already have something like that in place in the blog. But it works only if that visitor wants to see comments or view a blog post in full (from the blog index page – You may want to see it.

8. There is something at the base of the page “” ;when it loads in full – an offer and a form (Sign Up FREE to Get Rich’s “Internet Business Manifesto” and Other Great Content to Grow Your Business…). I would like to add it.

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