Site To Randomly Display Links

Site To Randomly Display Links
I’m looking to build a site to categorically and randomly display a set number of links pulled from user profiles. I’d like to be able to change the number of links displayed and preferably I’d like them to display in 2 columns. This project does NOT need a single link to re-direct to a random url pulled from a database but rather a list of links randomly pulled from user profiles within their categories without doubles.

When a user arrives at the home page they will see some categories they can choose from and sub-categories if necessary. When a user signs up with the site their profiles will contain choices for them to enter a link to each category available as well as a description. Ideally I’d like to keep it clean and if a user checks off a box for a category they’d like to add a link to the 2 text boxes appear to enter a link and description for their link.

I need there to be a way for me enter new categories and sub-categories at any time from an admin page.

I have experience in phpBB and OSCommerce so if it’s possible to integrate this feature in to either of those then that’d be better than starting from scratch.

I don’t have a huge budget to work with. I am willing to negotiate terms to ensure the coder is paid to their satisfaction for their work. If my project is successful I am also willing to give a bonus based on success. I may also require future support for re-design or expansion if needed.

This project needs to be done ASAP.

Thank you all in advance for reading and bidding. Looking forward to this!

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