Webcam Site Modifications 2

Webcam Site Modifications 2
I have an adult webcam site that I need some modifications needed to. These are the things I am needing done.

First, Fix my login, as the site is right now, you must log in to view cams. Then you must tell it you want to view or broadcast. I need to be able to view cams without logging in, and only log in if you want to chat or broadcast. And not have to log in twice if you want to do both.

Second, When a cam is online, I need the thumbnail on the index page to be a screenshot of what is on the live cam (image grabber, or something like that)

Third, I need it to show how many people are viewing any given cam. This can be done on the index page or on the broadcast page, whatever is easy for you.

My site can be found at (login with user test and pass testing)this is a working website, so the work will need to be done without interupting the site for long periods, and it also needs to not mess up my dbase. If you want a reference as to the functions I am asking for, you can look at, and see how I want my site to operate. Please do not bid if you can’t complete this work in a timely manner. Also, before you bid, please take the time to actually look at what I am wanting, so we have no confusion.

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