Php Work

Php Work
I’m not sure if it’s just php or joomla and php. Anyway I’m willing to pay $40-60 for these fixes.

– Registration – Clicking Login or register on Mac (Firefox) brings up a blank box the first time. Sometimes the login will come up after a few tries. This also happens on the iPhone so it may be a MAC cross browser issue. This needs to be fixed.

– Foot in the Door – A person who has received a FITD can forward it to another person, but the image and messages need to be sent as well.

– References – Upon approving a reference, it takes 12 minutes for that reference to be visible; the other processes of the reference are instant.

– 4 hr Job – Profile page defaults to YES upon re-logging in after someone has chosen NO. Search brings up everyone regardless of having chosen No.

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