Magento Vendor Order Dump

Magento Vendor Order Dump
I need a very basic vendor module for Magento. Right now, in our Magento Store there is no place to manage the vendor. We have total of 6 vendors (suppliers) who ships the product that is sold from our website.
Now, I want to be able to have the vendor name for all the products. When creating the product there should be a drop-down option to pick the vendor name for the particular product (which can be done by creating custom attribute). And I should also be able to edit my existing product to select the right vendor for the particular product.
In the Sales > Orders section, there should be a column for Vendor and the Orders are divided into what items have been ordered from which Vendor
In the FTP there should be a folder for each vendor where the Order CSV file should be automatically dumped every night for each vendor. Like, we can export the CSV file from the Sales > Order section, that CSV file has to be dumped every night for all the vendors in their own folders.

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