Google Map On My Website

Google Map On My Website
Hi all,

I need a currently working picture upload tool embedded the InfoWindow of Google Maps. And, I also need the InfoWindow changed. The InfoWindow is the main place for both data entry and data display. Here are the details:
1. The picture upload code currently used on my website should be in the InfoWindow. As such, all the picture stored should be linked to (a) the user that uploaded it and (b) the location. The location is already connected to the movie scene shot at that location… yes, the website is about movie locations.
2. The current InfoWindow is too big (max size), but now I would like it to be an InfoWindow with Tabs. The picture upload tool resized all pics to 400px on the longer side. Hence, the InfoWindow has to be a little bigger than 400×400 to accommodate a picture. Again, the InfoWindow has to (a) be the place to look at this information, but (b) also is the place to enter this information when a user is logged in.
3. For all locations I would like a thumbnail to show up when a user hovers over a marker. This thumbnail should show the movie name plus a picture (if available).
4. The current map is too small, hence it has to be bigger. I believe I initially dedicated too much “real estate” to the top portion of the website.
5. Last, the search function currently only searches through movie titles. This needs to be extended to also search for actors and characters played. Making individual search buttons (find movie, find tv-show, find actor, find character) to search through the database would be best.

Please let me know if you have any other questions. Details can be discussed in the message board where I will also post the URL.

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