Quiz Program Flashcards

Quiz Program Flashcards
Quiz Program – flashcards

Looking for a quiz program, with a flashcards type of approach. Layout will look like a program called “StudyMinder” from studyminder dutkom.

If you have ever used flash cards to help study for exams in high school or college, you know what a powerful study tool flash cards can be. Even better is having software loaded on your laptop that you can run through. There are a bunch of flash card programs out there, and many can be found on downloads.com. We checked several of them, but none had the key features we felt would make the program really good. Hence, the idea of creating our own.

To get an idea of what “flash card quiz software” looks like, you can look at the attached MS Word document. Basicly, the user loads up 100 questions and answers, and the software randomizes the questions, and creates a multiple choice question and answer session. With multiple choice, it throws in 3 random answers taken from the other 99 questions and answers.

When you start the project, you’ll want to download the demo version of StudyMinder from their website to get a feel for how good quiz software works. Load in 10 questions just to get a feel for it. I will create 10 easy questions and answers and attach that as a text file for you to experiment with.

Generic features common to all testing programs:
1. Importing: Just like in StudyMinder, the user prepares an ascii text file (or comma delimited csv with Excel) that has all of the questions and answers. The user can import this txt or csv file into the program and run the test.

2. Testing options:
Multiple choice
True and false
Swap questions and answers

3. When importing the questions and answers, the correct answer immediately follows the question.

4. The software will randomize the questions, asking them in a different order every time.

5. The software will randomize the multiple choice answers, providing 3 multiple choice wrong answers to go along with the true answer.

Important Features:
These are features that StudyMinder does not have, but that we definitely want to have:

1) No mouse. No need to hit the enter key. User will hit keys 1, 2, 3, or 4 for the answer. The response will pop up (saying either correct, or wrong), as well as a sound .mp3 or .wav file. (A happy sound for correct, a razzberry sound for wrong. Helps to reinforce the questions and answers for the user).

2) At the end, an option to “create a new subgroup” with all of the wrong answers. So if there are 200 questions, and the user had 60 wrong answers, a subgroup can be created that excludes the 140 correct anwers and now tests the user on the 60 wrong answers.

This subgroup can be saved or exported for permanent ongoing tests. This way the user can now just drill those 60 questions every day until mastered.

3) Scoring sheet.
At the end, the software will print up a list of all of the questions and the answers given by the student. It will show which were correct, and which were incorrect, and give a score for the exam. The user can print this out and have a hard copy. This will help show the student the areas they need to spend more time studying.

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