Video Stream Sound/video Issue

Video Stream Sound/video Issue

I have a video streaming website (Custom made, NOT those commercial scripts you can buy or download) and lately, the users are complaining that videos have sounds issues. The first 10 minutes of the video is fine but then after the voice gradually does not match the video itself. Basically someone talks in the video and then 5 seconds later the voice plays. So there is a BIG gap between the video and sound. I need someone thats good with PHP/LINUX/SSH/ADOBE FMS server to troubleshoot this.

Some interesting things to know about this issue.

1. When the video and sound do not match anymore, I can skip the video a little bit and it will fix itself for like 5 mins and start to gradually not match again.

2. I downloaded a video that has the problem and played it with VLC and windows media player and it DOES NOT have this issue at all. Only when it streams from the website it has this problem.

Please know what your doing before bidding. I need this fixed ASAP.


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