Virtual Currency Site Features

Virtual Currency Site Features
I have a site setup, it needs work. I need the following features added/fixed – Features Needed –

Forgot Password (Must provide username or email), system then sends a link to users email with a newly generated password.

Transaction ID should be displayed after money is sent, when it says who you sent it to. Also if possible prevent a user from refreshing page to send money again, to prevent spam.

Email user(s) if money is sent and received (In email display transaction ID and username the money was sent from or sent to) this was already coded, but it is not really working and parts of it are not done.

reCaptcha to be added on Send Money page

Master key (Three digit number), Entered on registration, Required to change any information and to send money, so it is needed on Send Money page on the second page of send money where it asks to confirm payment and then the Edit Profile/Profile page to change information.

Confirm email change, email is sent even if email wasent changed, needs to be fixed, so that an email isnt sent if email isnt changed and if it is it should send an email like it does to confirm the email change.

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