Phpprobid Modifications

Phpprobid Modifications
Hello I’m looking for someone experienced with phpprobid to create a fluid width theme/template which I’ve designed (as an image). It is quite customized and changes the looks of the website to suite the modifications that I want done, therefore you must be able to provide me with the design AND modifications.

The main modifications are to the listings and how they are displayed both on the navigation pages and the items page itself. The ability to place a bid without entering the items page (by use of bidding boxwa and bid buttons on the main pages) along with live updates (example of a live update mod can be found at you may use that rather than developing your own if you can set it up to work as needed). Other modifications needed are as follows:

– Customize the ‘add auction/sell an item’ to include custom information fields.

– Link some of the custom fields to a database that in return displays text/pictures within an auctions description, based on the data inside the fields.

– Customize the auction pictures layout to use an inline lightbox viewer. Script and demo can be found here:

– Add an optional item (a certificate of authenticity) that users can buy within the checkout when they are paying for an item (this certificate is to be attached to each item, if they want it for 2 items they must purchase 2 certificates). If a certificate is purchased the system is to email the seller with a prefilled document that they can print. This document contains certain information about the item they purchased which is to be pulled automatically from the closed auction and imported into the document.

– Addition of a new user class, “supplier”, created by administrators only (users can not sign up as a supplier). This user can not list or bid on any items however they are shown a customized area when they login containing a list of all auctions in which they are the supplier (supplier is another field to be added within selling items). From this page they can view the auction, contact the seller and “drop” an item that has no bids – “drop” will put the selected auction on hold (stop bids from being placed) and notify the seller/admin – the notification will include a quick access link to delete/close the specified auction.

– Integration of these two premade modifications: Affiliate System & User Contest/Raffle System

If you are comfortable with providing the above modifications I can send you the design mockup images for review.

The site will be set to private enabling only the one seller account. All work must be done on the latest version of phpprobid (6.07) and I’d like to have it completed as soon as possible.. therefore I’m looking for someone preferably who can work full time on this to get it done. Further details, explanations and mock images will be provided to the winning programmer if needed.

This will likely turn out to be an ongoing relationship with future additions and upgrades along with support. However please place your bid for only the current work.

Please send me any related work and references to previous phpprobid projects you have completed. Again I’m only interested in programmers with very good knowledge of the phpprobid script. Those who have not worked with phpprobid need not apply.

Looking forward to getting this started.

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