Build Cre Loaded 6.4 Template

Build Cre Loaded 6.4 Template
This project is to build a compatible Cre Loaded Template based on an existing design which is 100% compatible with Cre Loaded Pro 6.4.

The project will require the installation of Cre Loaded Pro 6.4, implementation of the template in full working order.

Some customisation to the install will be necessary for Australian localisation like date formatting.

The design must be 100% compatible and provide exactly the same functionality as if it were sourced form Template monster or Algozone.

This job will require expert knowledge of Oscommerce/Cre loaded and PHP. Please do not bid on this project unless you have a proven track record and are committed to undertaking complete testing with a view to delivering the site in complete working order both in function and display.

We aim to be specific in our scope however it is the developer’s responsibility to question/clarify and apply some business logic to avoid easy misinterpretation.

The successful bid will clearly outline design strategy and implementation.
The successful bid will provide the ability for the client to test the site in a Cre Loaded 6.4 environment on completion before implementation.

Excellent communication skills are an essential part of this project, regular updates are required and these are to be instigated by the developer.

Essentially you are cloning an existing site with input from us on the changes required to ‘new’ images/banners and logo (some to be provided by us other will need your graphic input).
Some of this is a direct swap over to the English translation and standard store terminology.

The original design is based on Presta Shop and must be Cre Loaded 6.4 compatible.

All written content will be provided by us.

Deliverables as follows:

-PSD Files
-Full working 6.4 Cre Loaded Pro Template
-CSS Files
-Images Files
-PHP to HTML files (Strictly HTML translation of main page only including CSS)

Cloning is based on the following :
Word document attached to help with your bid and reply.

Payment, no problem using escrow. It should be noted however funds will not be released until the site is delivered, fully tested and in complete working order.

If you like to cut code but have no interest in testing do not bid, it will be wasting both our time

When making a bid, our expectation is to receive a project management plan and an undertaking to fulfil the requirements stated above.

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