Php Site Clone

Php Site Clone
Would like a script like this:

You will need to install PHP/MySQL/FTP on a server running only CentOS. You will also need to allow us to edit the site colors, fonts, etc easily. Maybe this is a CSS you help us change.

Full Project Description:

Admin section would need to give me the ability to edit the Section Names which are what show up in the header, footer, and the directories shown on the main page. Need to be able to sort their order and browse to upload a small logo to show next to the title (if no image, nothing shows).

Will Not need the blog section.

Footer will also have: About, Contact (webform is needed), Privacy/Terms link. Need an easy way to add text to About, Privacy/Terms pages. I can past html into a text box in the admin if that is easiest.

Right hand section: Need to be able to select which section will show in the Admin section.

When someone clicks “Compare SECTION NAME” Need to be able to edit description that shows at top of page for the section:


Need to show a table of the Merchants (Added in the Admin section).
Links for Go to (Merchant Name) links to Link setup in Admin.
Need to have daily and monthly stats summary in Admin of Links Clicked (Merchant Name).

Table Columns: Name, Highlight, Rating
In Admin will enter text for each and need to select from 1 to 5 for rating. Show a star and an light gray star for the ones not selected, example 3 yellow stars and 2 gray stars if a rating of 3. Make your own star gif if you are able to or find one from free clip art.

Read Review (links to anchor tag for the review at the bottom)
Need to list all Merchant Names below the table as well with a longer Review Description (added in the Admin). Show Name, Visit Site (link to Merchant- same as in Admin and need to track clicks)

Stats in Admin: Need to track clicks to the Links to the Merchant name

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