Gmail Email Sender Script

Gmail Email Sender Script
I have purchased a script that i do not know how to setup its called
What i am trying to establish is send out 15 emails at a time and change ip addresses so that my acccount is not suspened by gmail and does this i do know how to set up this script i need help with setup and make sure that the script is fucntioning properly and i am able to reach my desired results
I am looking for a technicallly savy person who can figure out scripts ands set it up for me so i can focus on the work i need done you must be technically sharp to understand scripts please dont waste my timne or yours before you have not studied the script only if you are confident and understand my requirenst and know properly to set up the proxy and renew ip fucntion of the cript do not contact me
If you do this script sucessfully i will have lots of work for you for other scripts also

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