Facebook App For Clicktocall

Facebook App For Clicktocall

I need a facebook app for a service of mine called letmecallu .

It is a click2call service similar to tringme and 8×8 .

My scenario is like when people click on that app they should be prompted to register and once they register they should enter their phone number to receive calls . and once they click save we have to post a callme button on their profile page .

once the callme button is posted on their profile page and when some one visit their profile page and click on the callme button they should be prompted to enter their phone number and once they click on call they a http request should be sent to my server which will connect both the profile owner and the visitor .

Please bid only if you have experience in developing facebook apps . I would like to see some of your apps before i select you for this project .

Please do not post pre written text and also PMm me only explaing your ideas and questions abt the project .

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