Php/my/sql Form

Php/my/sql Form
I’m looking for someone to make a php/mySQL form. Please read this entire posting before contacting me. Do not ask me what my budget is, this project is not about my budget, it’s about what I need and the best way to accomplish it and of course the skill of the programmer. You (the programmer) must accept Paypal payments. The last time I posted a project I was ask to pay using a different service, which I agreed to do and it turned out that whatever service I was ask to use would not send money to the country the programmer was in. I was ask to use another service which I refused to do, I was accused of fraud and not wanting to pay. I’m not going through that again.

Now for the project.

I want a PHP script that has a form to collect user information as well as credit card information. Below is a list of the features or options that I need. Keep in mind that this is not a project with just one form. I will have several forms being used by different clients and they must function independently from each other.

1 – When the from is submitted I need two emails to be sent one to the owner of the from telling them that someone has submitted their form. I need a confirmation email sent to the person filling out the form.

2 – The owner of the from will have an admin where they can manage the form results, delete, print, send out emails pertaining to the payment and anything else that might be useful (open to suggestions here).

3 – I would like the credit card numbers to be verified as enter correctly. I’m not looking for the card to be verified that’s it’s good or not stolen, just that if it’s a Visa Card, then it rejects if a MasterCard number has been entered.

4 – I want this program built that I have a master admin where I can add/manage clients (the owners of the form).

5 – I want to be able to able to edit the outgoing emails on a per user basis as needed by the forms owner.

6 – I want the ability to redirect the user to any URL once the form has been submitted.

7 – I want the ability to send an automatic follow up email from myself to the email address of the person completing the form.

8 – I need this in a template format so I can add HTML as needed. Like header.php and footer.php or any other template necssary.

I am sure that I have forgotten something that I have thought about when describing this project, it’s purely unintentionally and am open to any suggestions or functionality that you as a programmer might have to offer.

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