Ecommerce With Api

Ecommerce With Api
I have ready HTML pages where functionality should be made. Project’s requirement is to make shopping & member pages functional.

1. Purchasing the Card / Ecommerce
There are two options for making a purchase.

Purchase Options
Option 1) Purchase a new card. This is for when people DO NOT have a physical card in their possession, and the card will be mailed to them, requiring shipping information on the order page.

Option 2) Purchase a card already in the users possession. The card is purchased and activated in a single step by entering the serial number during the purchase process.

• The site will use a custom shopping cart that accepts MC, Visa, and Discover through a standard payment gateway. The payment gateway api from First Data needs to be integrated into the site.
• A paypal button will lead users over to purchase via paypal.

II. Coupon Codes
The purchaser has the ability to input a “coupon code”

Coupon code: A code that recalculates the purchase amount, providing a discount based purchase

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