Tshirt Designer

Tshirt Designer

I’ve tried looking for a programmer but as long as what is required below are produced then we’ll be doing business together.

I design and print tshirt for my customers currently but I want them to be able to go online and design theirs on our website.

The functions (.fla files that can easily be modified ie loading our own product models like tshirts, mugs, upload our own images, and we’ll upload via dreamweaver to our website):

What our clients would be able to do:

1. Upload an image on the template t-shirt.
2. Change t-shirt side, front or back.
3. Select an image from my image categories, to put on the template t-shirt
4. Write text on the template t-shirt
5. Up to 4 text lines, if possible
5. Change text size, color, font type
6. Payment in pounds

What we’ll be able to do:

1. Load the fla file on the backend on our system
2. Upload our own images (flexibility is important)
3. Be easily loaded to our server using dreamweaver

Please ask if it’s not clear. THANKS.

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