Cms Ecommerce And Api

Cms Ecommerce And Api
We have COMPLETE HTML pages which should be used for integrating CMS, eCOMMERCE features, and GiftTran API:

I. CMS for managing texts of the website.

II. Purchasing the Card / Ecommerce
There are two options for making a purchase. Each option has its own purchase screen. However, both options can lead to the same purchase summary page where the purchase amount is calculated.

Purchase Options
Option 1) Purchase a new card. This is for when people DO NOT have a physical card in their possession, and the card will be mailed to them, requiring shipping information on the order page.

Option 2) Purchase a card already in the users possession. The card is purchased and activated in a single step by entering the serial number during the purchase process.

Purchase Price
The purchase price will be dependent on two variables: 1) Quantity of cards purchased. 2) Whether a coupon code has been entered. See the chart to the right for an example of how pricing will work.

• The site will use a custom shopping cart that accepts MC, Visa, and Discover through a standard payment gateway. The payment gateway api from First Data needs to be integrated into the site.
• A paypal button will lead users over to purchase via paypal.

III. Coupon Codes
The purchaser has the ability to input a “coupon code”

Coupon code: A code that recalculates the purchase amount, providing a discount based on the code entered.

Card Pricing & Coupon Code Details:
• Only users who register as an employee can utilize a coupon code.
• The card will have a “list price”, which is the full price for the card before the coupon code is entered. The list price will be based on the number of cards purchased.
• Expiration Date– Coupons can be set with expiration dates, after which they are no longer valid.

By entering a coupon code that gives the user with a $5.00 discount, the price of the card for each price point will decrease by 5.00.

Coupon Used No Coupon Used

Qty Price Qty Price
1 $20.00 1 $15.00
2 $18.00 2 $13.00
3 $16.00 3. $11.00

If the coupon code provides the user with a 20% discount, then the pricing would be as follows:

Coupon Used No Coupon Used

Qty Price Qty Price
1 $20.00 1 $16.00
2 $18.00 2 $14.40
3 $16.00 3. $12.80

Referral, employee, non-profit codes: A code that does not affect the purchase price and is used for tracking purposes only.

IV. Account Management
Users can create an account that enables them to make purchases, access and modify their account, view their card value, and track purchases.
• In order to create an account, a user must input either (1) their company code or (2) nonprofit referral code. An account cannot be created without one of the two codes. Only one code can be entered (not both).

When Logged into account
• View Card Balance
• Change password, email, card serial number, or nonprofit referral code.
• Enter company code required to activate the account
• Each company will have its own access code that enables the account to be created. Users will be given this pass code ahead of time. As long as the pass code entered is one of the currently active pass codes, the account can be created.
• Change Password (email link verification allows the new password to be created)
• Card Management
• View purchase history
• View Card Balance (Debit Design Integration)
• Delete card from account

V. Database Fields
Fields associated with each users:
First Name
Last Name
Address 1
Adress 2
Card Serial number
Nonprofit Referral Code
Employee Code
Card Purchase Order Number

VI .Admin
• create, delete, activate, deactivate employee Codes
• create, delete, activate, deactivate nonprofit referral codesthere is no limit to the number of passcodes or referral codes that can be created.

VII. Site Integration with Card Server

VIII. Shifting to Giving Back Promotions

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