Review Script

Review Script
Could you create me a review script that has an index page, a category page and the review pages in that there are fields for adding a review are:
Short description, appears on the category page, not product page.
User Comments box with captcha installed. (50 charahcters max) Displays max 20 comments, then a link to view more comments
Link Code – You write the title, description and title. You now need to put in a link that goes off to the store. There is an option to add a store. E.g. I want to add

amazon. Now in the link field part it has a drop down box listing the stores. I select amazon and put in the custom link code amazon has provided me with. There is

also an option to create more and more links. This way I can link to multiple stores. On the review page itself it now comes up with the word “Amazon” that is linked.

Date Added field: (set automatically dd/mm/yyyy (which comes up on the page itself)

*URL structure to have the product title in URL and same for categories to have the category title in their URL

Could there also be an option to add categories and sub, sub, and sub categories etc etc. and on the left hand side of each page the categories come up. Click on one

of the categories brings up the list of their respective sub categories.
But only categories are shown on the left hand side menu, unless clicked which on the same page, the subcategories go below it. Sub categories show on page if

categories clicked is what I am trying to say.

I have a design for this, but no set places where things go on the design so please use the general layout and I will probably get a designer to go through and put

things in the right places.

The index page displays the last 20 items added. with a small resized thumbnail of the product picture.
Each category page lists the latest 50 products on that page.

Title tag and Meta tags

Index page – leave to me
Categories page.

Title – {Category} at
Description – {Category} product services and user reviews at
Keywords – {category}, review

Sub Categories
Title – {Sub Category} Listed under {Category} at
Description – {Sub Category} in {category} Product services and user reviews at
Keywords – {sub category}, {category }, review

Review page.
Review Script at {Sub category} (if applicable) Listed under {category} at
Description – Review Script user reviews at {Sub Category} in {category} Product services and user reviews at
keywords – Review Script, {sub category}, {category}

Could there also be a section for adding resource links when adding a review. and on the page it comes up anywhere on the page as “Resource links:”. There is a field

for the URL and it auto pulls the title from the page source (if this is possible) and displays the title on the page under “Resource links”
Under a heading called user submitted photos: people can submit their own photos of the products. Pictures are then displayed as photos on the page, but would nee

verification before being added which I would check in the admin area.

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