Easy Rss Parser Script

Easy Rss Parser Script

i want to add to my wordpress website a page that display CINEMA’S and FILM information from this RSS feed:


I need to reand only some nodes for each film not all nodes ( i will send you the list of relevant noodes before the start of the project )

This is my website:


As you can see actually with the feed reader inside wordpress i read all informations in the RSS feed and i diply them in the page.

The new parser must read the RSS feed and create a matrix with all posters of the films like in this website ( the film poster + under the poster only the title of the film ):


The user when click on top of each poster or title of film under it, open a lightbox or something similar and inside the box there is the trailer and some more information that we will define later when you are working on it.

I found that:


I don’t know if can be a starting point.

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