Twitter Music Site Need Update

Twitter Music Site Need Update
I want to start off saying that My site is and its up and running but I am having some problems with some mp3 songs not playing on the site. First we need a new flash player for the single upload songs. My site uses twitter oauth where they login then hit upload then it will let them upload a single song. What I am trying to do now is make it so they can upload a whole cd but with a new player. When you login the site and hit upload it will popup but I want the uploader to have a seperate page where the user can pick if they want to upload a single song or a whole cd. If they want to upload a whole cd they will be a drop menu saying how many songs 1-40 tracks they can upload and they can also upload a cd cover for the cd. Here is a example of the single upload and mixtape/cd uploader from a site I seen

The user will have the options to pick the image cd name mixtape artist and a drop menu of the catagory it is in. They will then finish the step upload each track and I want a uploader that tells the percentage and how long it will be before the track is done (a processing bar). Once its done and if its downloadable it will zip all the files and tweet it with the artist name cd/mixtape name and the link so they can download or listen to each track.


Thats a example of all the songs and the download link into a zip.

I have a link of what flashplayer I want and it must be customized so it matches my website. I need someone who has experience with php twitter api and flash. You must also be able to switch the frontpage around so it has a cd section so I can put a cd section on top and put new uploaded cd on frontpage like how I have Most Popular . I need a latest cd thing. I think this will cost only 300 between 400.

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