Rss Parser Script

Rss Parser Script

i want to add to my wordpress website a page that display CINEMA’S and FILM information from this RSS feed:

The script must be easly configurated to retrive user’s specified nodes.

Additionally i need some css code to extend my theme and display datas extracted from the RSS in a user friendly way… the code must be cross browser compatible..

This is my website:

A nice idea could be display a matrix with all film posters ( under each poster only the name of the film ) and when the user click on top of the poster an overlay box appear on top of the screen with all the informations… and the player with the trailer…

Finally i need an extra function that can be called in home page of my website that i will use to disaply a list of titles of the last available films and also in this case when the user click on title the overlay box with all information appears on top.

You can use any existing library like Magpie RSS or others…

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