My Server Is Sending Spam Help

My Server Is Sending Spam Help
I have a dedicated server and it was suspended because it was sending unsolicited email attacks.

I need someone who can fix the problem,
message me on exactly how you will deal with my problem,
lowest bid will be considered and in return will be given a great feed back and more projects to come

Linux CentOS
Im using OStube2.6

I received the message below from my hosting services:

Dear customer,

It has been over a few hours since we last notified you of the complaint we have received that your server is engaging in sending unsolicited email attacks. We are concerned that we have thus far not received from you any response or acknowledgement of this notice.

As we noted in our previous message, we are responsible for any malicious acts connected to our IP addresses, as well as the security of our network and our other customers. It is therefore urgent, at this point, that you respond to this notice so this situation may be resolved quickly.

If you fail to respond to this notice within 24 hours we will be have no choice but to fulfill our responsibilities so noted in the previous paragraph by the only means at our disposal: by blocking your IP addresses or disconnecting your server and freezing your account until the matter is resolved. According to our policy abuse issues are legal reasons for the disconnection of service.

If you believe the source of the abuse is one of your customers or end users, then resolve the situation on your end immediately by removing the offender and replying to this notice informing us of the action taken. If you are not able to resolve the matter yourself, please respond immediately to this notice, and open a ticket to tech support. This is our final notification to you before we take action unilaterally.

Please note once again that only replies containing the full correspondence on this matter will be acknowledged and processed.

Thank you for your time. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any further questions or problems.
Our Support Team will be happy to assist you.

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