Pop Up Form

Pop Up Form
We have a page at http://www.elikaassociates.com/services that we would like to integrate a pop-up form in a similar style if you select the more link at http://www.elikaassociates.com/ in the first paragraph. The form would need to activate through a button that we will design and provide. The form needs to contain the fields below:

First Name:
Last Name;
Phone Number;
Services Needed:
– Organization/Relocation/Lifestyle
– Project Services/Renovations
– I require both services

The form will need to have an auto thank you response email sent from our website that we will design after you implement a .html file on the server.

Also the form inquiry will need to be email to services-at-elikaassociates.com however in case
Organization/Relocation/Lifestyle is selected then the form would need to be cc’d to linda-at-crossitoffyourlist.com
and in the case Project Services/Renovations is selected then it would need to be cc’d to alan-at-alchemyred.com

In the case of “I require both services then email should only be sent to info-at-elikaassociates.com

Looking to complete his asap.

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