Credit Card/ups Integration

Credit Card/ups Integration
I require integration of First data’s credit card payment system with my website .All associated code is available on first data’s website. PCI COMPLIANCE MUST BE ENSURED. And, all credit card information must only go through a secure gateway.

In addition I also need integration with UPS’s shipping calculator that will be able to calculate shipping charges based on what is in the cart. This code is also available through UPS.

Also,I need these minor fixes done on my website:

1. Website should allow customers to order products and get retail pricing without having to register.

2. The way order details are showing up in the customer’s account needs to be improved. Right now it just shows item ordered. I need sort of a more reciept looking document that is currently only showing under the administrative side.

3. Need a checkmark added that user agrees to terms and conditions before they can submit the order. if they leave the tickmark unchecked the website should display a message please accept terms etc.

4. Need a place where user must enter their DOB. The website must calculate whether the user is over 18 or not. It must display a message to correct DOB if an age lower than 18 is entered.

Only folks that can deliver on their word and complete these requirements within 4 days need to bid. I will need to test out things and ensure that everything is working before I transfer funds.

5. Need a field for ‘colour’ for products (eg. black,blue). The color field will be a drop down menu, the customer must select the appropriate color for products that have different colours. This much show up on the admin site that will show

First Data API-

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