Java Website Builder Plus 2

Java Website Builder Plus 2
General guidelines

1. Slick professional frontend and backend look to suit a unique industry application. Intuitive navigation. Design and graphic input required.
2. Develop Website and sub websites with our own special function integrated custom cms, calendar event manager, documents online, database management and user backend dashboards plus frontend content. Search function with options.
3. Some special functions with animated chart flash displays from data collected to be featured in the backend.
4. Web analytics.
5. Two multi step website builder processes, media builder, and skin selector. We have mapped steps to illustrate functionality with suggested draft screenshot layouts. Need professional design input.
6. Google map, Multi location google map with special tags fields from simple admin panel required that show up with map location,
7. sms alerts. Add portal for sending sms online. Some developer code available from provider.
8. Database feed manager: to manage data from sub sites to head website front end display plus admin summary panels to manage and edit data.
9. Store skin and shopping basket payment integrated with rewards points module [X cart] or equivalent. Users can redeem rewards points from the store.
10. Special function where suppliers can bid for our business leads from a live registered user panel displaying new opportunities as they are loaded from our DB, with private message board. Separate login for suppliers. Simple frontend and registration process. Separate domain name.
11. High security of information – login and database protection – User management – password protection
12. Php front end, java backend. We understand that this is our best security option.
13. Frontend login for users. Captcha protected. Plus other security measures required.
14. Secure backend administration panels in dashboard display. We have a provisional layout for each of our requirements. Plus simple mobile phone versions to add notes and fill in forms linked to database for our backend users and a simple front end rotating our β€˜for sale’ options. A simple search by ID number.
15. Integrate slideshowpro and slideshowpro director [or equivalent] for photos/xml paths. Integrate into our media builder process. Frontend media player unique skin.
16. Establish some simple tutorials showing cursor through steps to use our functions.
17. User feedback rating process linked to summary pages
18. Rotating frontend modules [2] with own admin summary and data feed manager from form data
19. Registration process, create accounts, multi step website builder from data input
20. Catalogue flash front end viewer plus archive plus admin and special features interactive with our website builder. Admin panel allows us to select pages submitted for publication and select order.
21. text to a unique number and receive information and links

Requirements: Sign off Non disclosure Agreement. Establish service agreement for future updates and maintenance. We own the code.

Preferred Timeframe 30 days

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