Database/video Conversion Code

Database/video Conversion Code
Please provide the databases/sample coding necessary for:

1) Database for worldwide countries, states/provinces, cities – coding for the countries menu, and then based on the country selected, the next menu for states/provinces gets populated, and then based on the state/province selected, the cities menu gets populated

2) Database for usa zip code distance search – sample coding to do the distance search

3) Sample video conversion code using ffmpeg, to convert user uploaded videos. The website is set up so that when users upload the videos, the videos are uploaded to the server, and the database has those videos marked as pending. Your code should convert the videos from the typical video formats (wmv, mov, mpeg, etc.) and upload it to the server.

The website uses mysql and php. The server has ffmpeg installed. Please also mention any special settings that are necessary to the server. Payment will be released after we have integrated it into the website and have confirmed that the code works on our server.

Please provide links to your work showing that you have implemented these 3 things.

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