Move Databases To WordPress 2

Move Databases To WordPress 2
I am moving my website to WordPress platform at

I would like to hire you to move the databases of lawyers and advertisers correctly to wordpress for me, and make sure there is an admin section to manage both registered attorneys and advertisers.

End of project, the following has to work in WordPress:

– This registration page for attorneys will work from WordPress. Submit button will deposit info from the form into the database and take lawyer to PayPal to make a payment.

– Database of registered lawyers will be connected to search functionality so the lawyers could be found on the WordPress site.

– “Professional Directory” (these are advertisers) moved to WordPress and registration page gets deposited into database and takes advertiser to PayPal to make payment when they click Submit button

– Admin page to add/edit/delete attorney profiles and advertiser profiles

This is a detailed description of the task, but quick and easy job for anyone skilled with databases and WordPress. Turnaround time is same day/1day and max budget is $50.

I will select developer within hours so do not bid if you cannot start working right NOW. Please do not bid if you have zero or negative feedback.

Thank you for taking the time to read my project, I really appreciate it.

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