Investor Website 2

Investor Website 2
We are currently seeking for professionals who have enough knowledge in working and designing unique websites for investors. Website must look something like Obviously we do not want any clone, it must be something unique. Live Chat icon will be placed (I will give you the HTML code later). In order for people to get their login credentials, they must either send in a Sign Up request in which the request will be approved or denied in the admin area, or the person can go to live chat and speak with our staff then I (Admin) can create his own Customer ID. He can later edit his profile. The important stuff to be included are:

– Accessible & Unique Control Panel.
– Member area (Must have profits paid daily, compounding rate 25, 50, 75 or 100, Available Balance, Comissions from referrals, etc..)
– Website design and content should be in Framework, Javascript & Ajax
– We do not want .PHP extension to show up, it must be either hidden by Html in order to avoid hack possibilities.
– Investors may invest ONLY after sign up is approved via the following methods: Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money & Alertpay (Available to people who contact me via support only)

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