Recognised users
• online Customers (Clients)
• Kitchen Staff (Order Receiver)
• Administrator

Unrecognised users – no direct input
• Delivery personnel
• Kitchen Staff (Non Order Receivers)

• Create Login/ Login
• View menu
• View Previous Orders
• View Special Offers, Discounts
• Place New Order (including composite order e.g. toppings base etc)
* Check if Takeaway operating
* Check if delivery address within deliverable range (Helsinki Postcodes( i give you later, format check)
* Check payment method (online/ on delivery).
* Receive order conformation/email, estimated time of delivery.
• View Pending order
• Logout

• Add/Delete/Modify product details
• Add/Delete/Modify client details
• Add/Delete/Modify Previous Orders
order page can be updatet every minute and sound when order comes
• View Current Orders
• Input special offers, discounts (Generic/customer based)
• Logout

Order Receiver
• Select Order – print chef receipt
• Send order for delivery – input time sent, print client and Delivery person receipt.
• Confirm order delivery – input time of delivery, additional notes, cash received (if applicable).
• View Complete orders
• View Menu
• Cancel order
• Logout
also openings hours , after that customer cannot make order if shop is closed.
I need it to be mulltilinguan (or english and finnish)
i need to see demos provide me demo
if possible pizza dominos type

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