Magento- Conversion Tracking

Magento- Conversion Tracking
Needed: to add conversion tracking code for several sites (,,, etc.), affiliate code (clixgalore), and BizRate Survey Invitation html for checkout.

We will need the following variables for Magento cart to make conversion code to track properly. (they’re different for each one)
Order ID
Product Name
Product ID (SKU)
Item Price
Category Name
Category ID
Total Order Subtotal
Total Order Value

example java script that needs to be inserted in checkout page to track correct conversion:

<script type=”text/javascript”>

var become_merchant_id = ‘1111111’;
var become_order_num = ‘001’;
var become_purchased_items = new Array();
// adding cart items FOR EACH PURCHASED ITEM…
// add cart item
var become_item = new Object();
become_item.productid = ‘PRODUCT_ID’;
become_item.category = ‘CATEGORY’;
become_item.price = ‘5.00’;
become_item.quantity = 1;
//become_item = new Object();
//become_item.productid = ‘PRODUCT_ID’;
//become_item.category =’CATEGORY’;
//become_item.price = ‘PRICE’;
//become_item.quantity = 1;

</script> <script type=”text/javascript” language=”javascript” src=””></script>

Project to include complete installation with changed file. Must make backups.

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