Oscommere Site Mods

Oscommere Site Mods
I’m willing to pay $60 for this work. It needs to be done in 4-5 days.

Part 1. I’m wiling to pay $40 for this

1. I need an cms editor added to oscommece site. Something like FCKEditor or a plugin that allows the user to edit each page and add
pics needs to be added.

2. There also needs to be a plugin added that allows the client to edit the images on the gallery page. Basically be able to add or change the current pics on the gallery page.

3. The client wants each product to have a price, but he doesnt’ want it to be visible on any page. Well obviously in the check it will be. So make it so the prices aren’t visable on each page.

Part 2 (willing to pay $20 for this)
1. add company info to the bottom of page through out the website; refer to the existing website (I will call it “current website”).

2. “Bestsellers” and “Information” blocks need to be removed throughout the site.

Home page

3. just replicate the homepage of current website, except for instead of displaying one row of 4 photos, he wants to display two rows of 8 photos from project gallery. By saying replicate, I mean even the single photo with caption “Restaurant application” should be displayed and the header will be big. And of course it also means the “Product List”, “Bestsellers”, “Information”, and products should be removed; but the three testimonials can stay. Please spend some thoughts on page layout; the example sites you have shown us look fantastic.

Product page

4. Please check the product page of current website and that is what we should have on this new website.


5. Remove those “This product was added to our catalog on Data Month Year” that below every single product – this information is useless.

Installation Guide page

6. whatever the icon is serving as bullet points in front of each installation guide does not load. Please just check that page and fix it.


7. The names of each testimonials don’t have to be red; just make them the same color as the testimonial contents.

There may be other small edits like the list above that need to be done. You will agree to do that (if the client ends up asking for those) if you accept the project.

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