Ftp Import Script

Ftp Import Script
We are looking for a vendor for development of an FTP import script.

The script will sync additions or edits to the client’s internal database with the website’s user database.

The client’s internal IT team will write an export script as follows:
Export script
1. Run script from internal database to export new or edited user records
2. Convert ZIPs in .csv to 5-digit, with leading zeros
3. Export data to site’s FTP server

The developer will write an FTP import script to import new or edited records from the FTP server to the server’s SQL database:
Import script
1. Convert database from .csv to .sql.
a. This can be done using a software like www.navicat.com.
2. Create a temporary SQL file on the SQL server.
3. Import the file into the site’s database using PHP or XML to match the data to the site’s database columns.
a. If new or edited then import.

• This project is for the development of an FTP import script running in the background of the website.
• Database format is PHP/MySQL.

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