Yearbook Php Modifications

Yearbook Php Modifications
The project involves PHP for three main editing tasks for an existing AlumniPro2 website:

You will notice, “Please upload a pic of yourself.”
It now allows for one photo. The objective is to allow 4 photos in a 2cell x 2cell table, (no borders). The prompt should say “Please upload a pic of yourself, and up to three others.”
There is code to allow and modify the uploaded photo to fit. I assume this code can be reused for modifying the other three photos.

2) On initial login, there is no “human” challenge or the calculator. This needs to be included on login.php. Other login pages have this feature, so it can be reused.

3) At profile.php, below where it says, “Please enter your last name”, add a text field for a new prompt: “Maiden Name (if applicable)”.

Be available for debugging, if necessary.

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