Simple Cl Crawl Script

Simple Cl Crawl Script
Here is what I want to be able to do with a single PHP-only script:

1. Enter a CL url like $url = ‘’;

2. Open the 20 most recent postings for $url one at a time.

3. Get the following variables:

a. $time
b. $linktitle
c. $linkurl
d. $email
e. $description

This script only needs to echo this is plain html so that I know it functions. This is about a 15 minute job so bid accordingly. If you exceed the max bid, you will be ignored.

Lastly, I will publicly and vehemently inform all fellow scriptlancers if you are a lying cheating fraud like zonvra.

You can view his scriptlance account here:
You can view his website here:

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