Web 2.0 Slideshow/photo App

Web 2.0 Slideshow/photo App
I would like an app that allows people to create slideshows. So user uploads a bunch of images and then can do the following:

1) annotate on it using sticky notes anywhere on the image (this can be done using CSS and does not need to be saved as part of image file)
2) drag and drop arrows and other icons onto the image (again, it should be placed using DIV and not become part of image)
3) share project with team members via email notifications
4) able to have different themes for their image albums
5) visitors to album can post comments and rate images
6) owner can set access privilege. so some albums require password
7) owner can drag and drop to re-arrange order of images like PowerPoint thumbnails view
8) can export whole album as a ZIP file and HTML files automatically created that does the slideshow of images. So no need for PHP at this point. Just drag and drop into browser and it’ll have next/previous buttons to navigate between images. Files would be 1.htm, 2.htm, 3.htm

Other requirements:
1) login authentication and registration page
2) admin level / owner level / guest level
3) use of AJAX in many editing functions

You should know:
1) PHP expert
2) jQuery expert

There will be a large use of drag and drop to re-order images. So if you know how to do that using jQuery that would be good.

I prefer someone who can code it in a while that it’s easy to maintain for me later on. So be great if you can do it using SMARTY or other ways of coding it elegantly.

You can take an existing popular open source web app and modify it for use. Or it’ll be great if you already have something like this. Or do it from scratch.

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