Search Results Upgrade

Search Results Upgrade
My site that I am in need of upgrading is lea*dsforlen*ders(dot)com (remove the asterics)
User Login/pass = demo at

1)I want to upgrade the search results page. You can access it by and clicking on the search button
I would like to replace only the search results with the attached look and format.

2)I want The color scheme to be orange and white rather than the blue and white.

3) my current results page shows the following 11 items in this order

Price |Lead #| City| ST| Loan Amount| Mort1.Balance| Mort1.Rate| Property Value| Loan Purpose| CreditRating| Property Type

4)I would like to add the following 5 items
Date|LTV|Times sold|view|Comments|

I will describe the purpose of the new items

Date= This is simply the date the application is entered into the db from the form

LTV= loan to value ratio, this is a calculation of the value(property value) vs. the amount owed(mort1.Balance) for example if the property value is 100,000.00 and the mort1balance is 75,000.00
Then the LTV would be 75% this is the calculation that should be posted in the LTV field

Times Sold= The leads can be sold up to 5 times. Each time its sold it needs to display that number here

View= view is a hyper link that allows the user to see more info such as city, zip, state, comments etc. I will attach the example here (Lead #190768 – Mortgage)

Comments= The form entered into the database will have a field for aprox 300 characters for the customer to add any info relevant to their loan. This info will be accessed from the view link

5) There is also an admin area where the administator can view the complete lead. I would like the info to be posted here as well. The user/password= dsmithson/Admin36

The above Items need to be functioning and viewable. The form that enters the data into the db is here

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