WordPress Job Posting Plugin

WordPress Job Posting Plugin
Design, Develop and Package for Download a WordPress Plugin using PHP to do the following.

You may bid on any of the 3 phases or all of the phases.

Part 1:

1.Design & Develop a process for scraping Job Information for a specific Keyword Search form Dice.com, Monster.com & Careerbuilder.com.

2.Once the data is captured it will be uploaded to a mysql database; the following data must be captured:
Job Title
Posting Company
Posting Company URL (this may be on a different link that will need to be followed)
Email Address (Must be parsed from Job Post)
Contact Name (Must be parsed from Job Post)
Job Description

3.It would be nice if there were a checklist of optional fields to capture within the plugin.

Part 2:

1.Design a plugin for WordPress that will allow Bloggers to enter the script word [jobs] into a post. Once the script word [jobs] has been entered the WordPress Post or Page will then display all of the jobs in the database for the day of the post.

2.The jobs must be displayed using a Business Card look and feel(We can talk about the exact design once we decide to work together:

Phase 3:

1.Design and develop some reporting from the Jobs that are captured. The Blogger will control whether of not to display the reporting by adding the script word [jobreportmm] of [Jobreportdd] into a post or a page.

2.The Reports will be a table that looks like this:

[jobreportmm] for the whole month
Jobs Posted this month # of Duplicate Jobs # of Unique Jobs # of Contract Jobs # of Full-time Jobs Companys posting a Duplicate
120 20 100 40 80 3

[jobreportdd] for one day
Jobs Posted today # of Duplicate Jobs # of Unique Jobs # of Contract Jobs # of Full-time Jobs Company’s posting a Duplicate
10 3 7 4 6 2

3.Companies Posting a Duplicate Job will be a hyperlink. The hyperlink will take the reader to another post that displays all of the companies that have posted the exact same job on multiple days. (We can talk about this once the work has been agreed upon).

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