Virtual Currency/payment Site

Virtual Currency/payment Site
I need a virtual currency/payment site script made. Basically, I am looking towards having a site similar to made sort of a clone, but I dont want a clone, much more simple, but with less features. Very simple, basically a payment processor where you do not add any financial information, but has more of the functionality like has.

An example HTML file of the layout can be provided that I created. Please download PaymentProcessor.rar, it includes a simple index.html file which you can make all the php files based off, just a simple layout to give examples of what needs to be done.

Registration (Users assigned a random like 8 digit number for transfering money, like LR) Need to provide Full name, username wanted, email, password, country..
Login (should be secure)
Account page should display users current balance, name, email, account number (which can be provided to other users, which if a user has a balance, can instantly send money to that account number), More examples of what needs to be there is on the example layout.

Balance can only be funded from another balance from another user

Admin Panel to manage any user, ban users by IP and so forth, add any amount of balance to an account

Good Security on accounts, such as having another field where they must enter a “transaction PIN” or something that they signup with to do anything on the site such as send money to someone

That should be about it, like stated above, if you are confused or just need more info, I do have a example HTML layout file that is just a rough layout, but that way you know what the navigation needs to have, and what the pages need to have. Just download PaymentProcessor.rar from this project.

This should not take very long at all, my budget is small, but this shouldn’t take long to do.

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