Virtual Assistants Wanted

Virtual Assistants Wanted
Look at my score and see that I always have work. Look at the types of jobs I have posted and have cancelled and you will understand the kind of work I have.

If you search “temporary webmaster” you will see the reason I am so busy and want to hire a Virtual Assistant to do various online jobs.

Today I have work to repair a membership website using Joomla, another to add an Article Database, another to put a flash player into the Article Database, another job to put flash players into some Templatemonster product I purchased, another job putting lots of my “master resale rights” products into my online store.

As this is now 2010 I also desire someone to update my webpage, using the template I will provide.

I have some autoresponders to setup to include some ezine templates. If you require training I have purchased many tutorial videos to resell. You may watch some of them to practice so you can become a better Virtual Assistant to me.

I want someone who can earn money for me. Mostly my work will involve using video, flash, camtasia, etc. If you can go into clickbank and get the best video sales pages for me, and put the data into my .xml then you will be able to assist me.

You do not need to be a programmer in some highly technical language to assist me. HTML, Flash & some Php-MySQL would be nice, and any video skills. You will be working in a team, I’ll post the projects needing work and you and the other team members will complete them. If you work out good there will be more jobs.

What do I pay? I will offer you NEAR what is average in your area. To learn what is average in your area, go here and click your country. When you get to your country, select “ECONOMY” and you will see.

For example, the Average pay here in USA is USD $48,000 year. You will see it in the website above. If your Average is maybe $2600/year then I will pay you NEAR that amount. Today I will accept several (3) bidders, the lowest bidders.

Los Angeles

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