Bug Fixes For Websites

Bug Fixes For Websites
I have a number of simple code fixes in my existing websites. Should be rather quick & easy for anyone with knowledge of PHP/MySQL to do.

Firstly, I have a website that allows people to review TV shows on Twitter. This relies on the website pulling feeds from theTVdb.com to gather the data on TV shows. Currently, no data on TV episodes is being generated, most likely to do with a simple coding error. It needs fixing so it automatically populates the database with episode information every hour. In addition, a simple bit of coding is required in order for a ‘Latest Episode’ box on each show to display the latest episode of a show that has been shown, based on the first aired date in the episode data.

Secondly, I have a Joomla based website with Gavick PhotoSlide 2 and NewsImage 6 (a carousel thing for featured content). I need a simple edit to the code (PHP & Javascript used here) so that the large image of the content links to the content rather than the text below.

These are simple code fixes and will not take long. I am looking for a reliable and affordable developer to work with in developing the Twitter/TV site further in future projects so there will be plenty more work available to the selected programmer.

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