Meta Trader 4 Ea Backtesting

Meta Trader 4 Ea Backtesting
I need a program to backtest MetaTrader 4 EAs.

I know PHP; so a server-based PHP program would be really nice (I’d be able to understand the project better). But I’m also open to considering a standalone program (C/C++/VB/etc.)

I will provide all the forex historical data. I will also supply the EAs (Expert Advisors). I just need a program that duplicates the feature already built into MT4 and backtests the EAs against my historical data.

The main reason that I don’t want to use the feature already built into MT4 is because I have tons of EAs that need to be tested, and I want software to test them all, on multiple timeframes, without having to test each one individually.

Before bidding, please get somewhat familiar with MetaTrader 4 and EAs. (Try Google and Youtube, or download MetaTrader 4 for free and test it yourself!!!)


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