Forum Mass Posting Script/soft

Forum Mass Posting Script/soft
I need a tool that would allow me to post to several forums in just one hit. I can’t say how many forums as of right now but in case it’s needed I can provide a list, although it’s very likely that I’ll be adding more later, so I would be needing that functionality too.

I’m not worried about which platform you choose to make this work as long as the final product is fully functional, it can be either a software or a web-based script. Ok, here are the features I would like the tool to have:

– support at least the most popular forum scripts available (Vbulletin, PPpbb, SMF, Fluxbb, etc)

– must be able to auto login or authenticate to each forum I’d be working with and also be able to save login details into a profile or session so I don’t have to enter them again everytime

– must be able to create new threads inside the forums, so I need to select which forums I’ll be creating the new threads into (either select one forum or ten at the same time)

– must be able to specify on which category the posts will go to, if categories are different on each forum, then that should be taken into account when posting.

– I’ll enter the content of the post to be published and I need to be able to select which of the forums this message will be posted to, before actually hitting the Send button. There should be 2 extra optional fields for Title and Tags which will be particular to each of the forums since some of them require tags and title and some don’t.

– I don’t intend to spam forums with this tool, only to ease my work, so I need to make sure that I will not be kicked or penalized for jumping captcha values. Whenever a captcha is present as a requirement to post or create a new thread, the software or script must be able to inform me and take me the page so I can manually enter the captcha before continuing.

– once the post has been “posted” the system must return a list of the urls linking to each one of the posts created so I can double check them.

You must provide all source code at the end of the project and I’ll retain any rights over it. In case any further functions need to be added or any major code changes occur on the original forum scripts that would interfere with the proper functionality of this tool, I’ll pay for those additional changes.

Please, bid only if you’re confident that you can do this job, don’t bid just for the fun of it. If I’m not 100% happy with the quality of the programmers bidding I’ll repost the project.


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