Yahoo News Carousel Replica

Yahoo News Carousel Replica
I’m after the look and feel of Yahoo’s News Carousel in my own website main index.html

When you look at the yahoo main site, and look at the news navigation, that is what I’m after. To clear this up, there is a carousel that works the following way: you hold the mouse over the image and it shows up in the larger frame, then when you click on it, it opens the news it is about.

I have a carousel here that works beautifully, that explains what I am after, but I need yahoo’s news inside that. Or if it is easier for you, you can simply grab yahoo’s source and make it work on my domain, like here: but it must feed live. thank so very much guys. It’s about 1:25AM here so I’ll be back first thing the mornning.

I kindly wish to mention that iframe is NOT the solution for this, so please don’t get confused and recommend iframe. Thank you guys so much.

Additional Info (Added 1/31/2010 at 2:44 EST)…
The carousel I used, I grabbed from and it works great at my site: but perhaps it would be easier to just grab the source code directly from the yahoo main page and make it work on my domain, since that is the exact News carousel with the actual news I’m after. Again please NO iframes, since it will have to work on it’s on on the domain. Thanks a million guys!

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